We are international advertising and communication professionals, feeling responsible for all life on earth. We believe supporting a green world today, is a must for surviving tomorrow. We are proud and happy to unite in accordance with this common cause to serve for our future with the best thing we know: Advertising!

What makes Colourful Green unique?

Of course -and happily- we are not the only green advertising agency in Europe, but we positively differentiate ourselves by the quality of our work and the vibrant enthusiasm of our team.

Our footprint

Our founder, Maria van Eldik is a passionate art director having both national and international experiences with many famous brands, such as ING Bank, Nescafé, Heineken, Trump, Clinique and more. In addition, Maria is an vegan animal lover who has a huge heart for the green cause and wants to help other green entrepreneurs as well.

Green dream team

Colourful Green consists of a team of experienced freelance professionals, representing the main disciplines of communication and marketing. We hire other services at competitive rates. We work from home or from an inspiring location where sky is the only limit leading us to think out of the box. As long as there is access to quick internet, every point on the world is our agency.

How we work?

In many colourful ways! We have a quite long list to deliver your messages in the most creative way and with the most efficient tools such as print ads, TV commercials, radio spots, brochures, web site designs, press releases, advertorials, alternative media materials (such as greenvertising etc.), viral marketing, point of purchase and point of sales products.

How we communicate?

As you wish! Of course we can present ourselves online fine, but we prefer to have a conversation with you. If we are around we are happy to drop by and if we are a bit far away, we love to make a call or Skype appointment. No matter where in the world you are!

E-mail maria[@]colourfulgreen.nl
Phone +31 (0)30 3200 930
Skype colourfulgreen