Colourful Green consists of a team of enthusiastic freelance professionals. All with love for their profession and a wealth of experience.

Maria Tiqwah van Eldik
founder, art director, designer, illustrator, webdesigner and desktop publisher

Maria is a versatile awarded-winning creative. As art director, she is very experienced in Sales Promotion, Direct Mail and POS. As a designer, she designs a new logo or a complete packaging line with the same ease. Furthermore, she likes to make animal illustrations and paintings.

Céline Rosier
(SEO) copywriter and strategist

Céline is a seasoned, award-winning copywriter with a preference for sustainable brands. As a creative strategist she develops powerful multimedia concepts. Celine has worked for many big brands like Philips, Douwe Egberts and Volvo.

Frank Rozendaal
marketer and online specialist

Frank knows exactly how to use internet and social media in a solid marketing plan. He invests his knowledge and experience preferably in companies that are socially responsible. Frank has worked for ANWB, and ASN Bank.

Jerome Bogh
web designer

Jerome enriched the Internet with stunning works and created challenging websites with HTML / CSS, jQuery and the necessary PHP. Jerome is also always aware of the latest trends and the latest developments on the web.

Marit Molenaar
designer, web designer and desktop publisher

Marit is a creative designer. As a desktop publisher, she is very accurate and ensures that your brand has a consistent visual identity. She also likes to make websites so that small and medium sized businesses can present themselves optimally on the web.

Saskia Verheijen
copy and account advisor

Saskia is both at agency and client side, a highly acclaimed account and project manager. She has worked for brands like Nescafé, Maggi and ING Bank. She also has a keen eye for effective advertising copy and loves to write.

Freek Bersch
online communications consultant

Freek is a communications consultant with a passion for smart tactical PR campaigns. He embraces the laws and norms of communication 2.0, and mixes online and offline communication tools to powerful cocktails.