Hooray! We are on the Vegan Friendly list on the website of the Dutch Vegan Society (NVV)! Companies on this list are vegan or offer vegan products/services beside their ‘normal’ products/services. They use the Vegan Friendly logo, inform their employees and some give discount to the Dutch Vegan Society members.

Colourful Green gives 30 % discount on graphic design and art direction for vegan businesses!

Our founder, Maria van Eldik, is vegan and therefore would love to work for vegan (friendly) companies!
“In August 2011, I saw a horrible movie about factory farming. After that movie I immediately gave my luncheon meat (which I had bought that morning) to the dog and I stopped eating animals. I already stopped with dairy years ago, because I have more energy without it. Meanwhile I eat completely vegan (well, sometimes I still smuggle a bit) and I am very happy to be on this path! When I started I was a bit worried that I would have less energy, but fortunately that was not the case. I was also scared to lose weight, but I sprinkled so generously nuts, peanuts and raisins on everything that I had even gained weight …”